Introducing Project Cure SMA

Find out what SMA is and who can get it.

A condition that is often overlooked and rarely treated

The SMA (Spinal Muscular Atrophy) is a genetic condition. It involves the progressive loss of certain neurons, which leads to muscular atrophy. It may start before birth or during adulthood – there are no age related characteristics. It is caused by a genetic mutation – the SMN gene.

Understanding how it evolves

The disease is progressive. There is no such thing as an official treatment to cure it. However, multiple research studies are ongoing. Our scientists are also involved in developing a treatment. Meanwhile, our clinic provides proper relief to patients dealing with SMA. In other words, we have the ways to ease the affection and put the patient back on track for a while – both physically and psychologically.

What you can get from Project Cure SMA.

Here at Project Cure SMA, we do not just research potential treatments to cure or at least slow the condition, but we also provide relief, pace and ease, whether you are down physically or mentally.

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