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Project Cure Spinal Muscular Atrophy

Project Cure SMA is a collaborative initiative between Families of SMA and clinical investigators designed to help facilitate the rapid translation of promising new therapies to individuals with SMA. The primary goal of Project Cure SMA is to develop safe and well-tolerated clinical protocols to help identify effective therapies for SMA.




Project Cure SMA Publications
  • Perspectives on clinical trials in spinal muscular atrophy by Kathryn J. Swoboda, John T. Kissel, Thomas O. Crawford, Mark B. Bromberg, Gyula Acsadi, Guy D'Anjou, Kristin J. Krosschell, Sandra P. Reyna, Mary K. Schroth, Charles B. Scott, and Louise R. Simard -  published in Journal of Child Neurology 2007; 22: 957-66.
May 1, 2008